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September 24, 2008

Google Maps Mania

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As become familiar with Google Map API coding, i would like to announce me as Google Maps Mania. We knew that since 2005, Google has release a beta version of Google Maps Service in February 2008 through its Labs Incubator. And on June 2005 Google Map API is released to all programmer around the world.

Using this great API, Google allowing programmer to create thousand of application using their Google Maps Services. At my first glance, the ability to toggle between street map and satellite view is amazing. For some country we can see a road map also.

Since 2007, i were involving with 2 Probypro‘s Project based on Google Maps API. One is known as Pop portal project and the other is Tourismausportal project.

Being involving with this 2 project is sharp my skill on Google Maps API. And because i am doing core code for this two application make me know that Google Maps API is great for building Map Application. And it is free for all.

So on next day i will post many article focus on Google Map API. You can find all topics related to Google Maps coding under google maps category