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March 13, 2012

Handling Error in Cakephp 2

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Cakephp is a good framework, it include many aspect of building a website fast. Handling error in cakephp 2 is easy, by default you can change template for all type of error inside folder app/Views/Errors (in prior version app/views/errors). You can create each template for each error, such as

Http Error
error500.ctp, etc

Missing File


March 7, 2012

How to optimize prestashop

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Debugging mode and deploy mode must have different handling. When developing we need to enable debug mode to see warning or problem on our website before ready to launch. When all function are tested without error, we are ready to launch it and put it to deploy mode. This article is about how to optimize prestashop on deploy mode.

There are several setting that you can use to maximize page load on prestashop, such as

  1. Enable Smarty Cache File
    Set force compile to off will make page load are faster. Always Force compile will slow down the page load, only enable when you do template changes
  2. Enabled CCC Setting
    Enable this to CSS, Javascript, and HTML without touching your template will improve your website performance. It decrease server load by combine all CSS files into one file. Also this setting compress the file so the filesize is smaller make it faster to load.
  3. Enable Cache System
    This is important, if you dont have memcached feature on your hosting, just use File system cache. This caching system significantly improve page load speed.

Where you can find this setting to optimize prestashop? Just go to admin area, open menu Preferences > Performance

How to edit seo title keyword description metatag homepage prestashop

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SEO is important when we want to optimize our website to gain more visitor from search engine result page. It is important to have unique title, keyword and description metatag for all your web pages. This way the search engine crawler will index better using this information. It is also important for prestashop to have seo for homepage, however probably it is a bit confusing to set it on admin area.

I will tell you how to edit seo parameter for title, keyword and description metatag for your homepage or your other pages except products and categories. Please follow this step

  1. Go to admin area
  2. Open Menu Preferences > SEO & URLs
  3. And then edit index.php from the page list (url lists)
  4. On next interface you will see input field for title, keyword and description metatag

Using this way, you could change seo parameter for another pages, just find on the list and then edit it.

March 6, 2012

Strange error when configure module Module uninstalled successfully Prestashop

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I got strange error when Configure any module on prestashop Module menu. If i click Configure to any module that are installed, i will get this error message “Module uninstalled successfully“. I try to reset the module, and it work for a while when i click configure, but then when i save the configuration, it showing that error again.

So i explore about this problem and found there is a bug that when we enable cache system, the system will showing that error message. So i do this step

  1. Go to Preferences > Performance, and turn off Caching. I also turn off smarty cache and force to compile.
  2. And then i configure the modules, and never get that strange message anymore

I think the caching system need to fixed, because this caching system on prestashop often making strange behavior on the interface. If you find case like this just turn of caching system first. If everything has been setup then we can enable the caching system again for better performance on frontend

How to set confirmation email order prestashop

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By default prestashop will not send confirmation email order to sales or admin email. So we need to set first before we can get confirmation email order using prestashop. We know prestashop is quit complex CMS for ecommerce, that make setting much harder than others CMS.

I use this procedure to get confirmation email order send to sales or admin email :

  1. Install Maill Alerts by Prestashop Module, and then configure. Place target confirmation email address on Send to these e-mail addresses
  2. Go to Employess > Contacts, set email for Customer Service
  3. Go to Preferences > E-mail, set email to Customer Service

By using that procedure my prestashop now can send confirmation email order to sales or admin email.