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September 24, 2008

Google Maps Mania

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As become familiar with Google Map API coding, i would like to announce me as Google Maps Mania. We knew that since 2005, Google has release a beta version of Google Maps Service in February 2008 through its Labs Incubator. And on June 2005 Google Map API is released to all programmer around the world.

Using this great API, Google allowing programmer to create thousand of application using their Google Maps Services. At my first glance, the ability to toggle between street map and satellite view is amazing. For some country we can see a road map also.

Since 2007, i were involving with 2 Probypro‘s Project based on Google Maps API. One is known as Pop portal project and the other is Tourismausportal project.

Being involving with this 2 project is sharp my skill on Google Maps API. And because i am doing core code for this two application make me know that Google Maps API is great for building Map Application. And it is free for all.

So on next day i will post many article focus on Google Map API. You can find all topics related to Google Maps coding under google maps category

September 20, 2008

How to load javascript file on window on load

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Here is another way to load a javascript file on window on load.

<script type="text/javascript">
window.onload = function () {
var script = document.createElement("script");
script.src = "site/js/3000297746.js";

September 8, 2008

How to redirect 404 to error page?

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We need to give message to our website user that requesting a page that doesn’t exist in our website. If we don’t think about this or left it as default, user will get error message that produce by the browser. And this is not look professional.

So we need to give a message about what they looking is not exists in our website and give him option to search or go to another page. There are a simple way to do it, by add ErrorDocument info on htaccess file.

First create an error html file, named it as you want, for example 404-error-page.htm. And then edit htaccess file, put this line at last line.

ErrorDocument 404 /404-error-page.htm

Upload htaccess file again to your server. Later if someone looking for a page that doesnt exists in your website, server will redirect into 404-error-page.htm

September 7, 2008

Another software for download video on youtube

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Youtube has many interesting video for watch. There are many short course video for web design, seo mastering, or photography. You also can find many funny video, song clip or interesting video about life.

For watching a video, we need to open a certain clip or video url using our browser. And wait for browser to download video data from youtube server and then show it on video player.

Of course if you want to watch that video again later, you need to open that url again anda download video data from beginning again. This is uncomfortable for us that doesn’t have good speed and cheap bandwidth.

So i just found a software for download a youtube video into your local PC. You can download it here. happy downloading!

September 1, 2008

How to use Google as proxy?

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Sometime our provider or internet connection at office is blocked by administrator. It is a company policy to disallow employee to open certain sites, for example friendster, youtube, or facebook.

They want the employee focus on their job. But you know what i really not comfortable with this situation, because in my opinion i has respect to my task or job so ill do the best for it. But sometime we need to find a usefull article or maybe just looking around for new relationship with other professional.

I have one trick how to open a site that blocked by your administrator. This way i will use Google Translator as a proxy to blocked sites. Here we are

  1. Simple go to
  2. Input url of the site in Translate a web page section.
  3. Select the source language as Spanish and target Language English.
  4. Click translate

You will get the site is translated by Google. Important the site is not blocked.