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September 1, 2008

How to use Google as proxy?

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Sometime our provider or internet connection at office is blocked by administrator. It is a company policy to disallow employee to open certain sites, for example friendster, youtube, or facebook.

They want the employee focus on their job. But you know what i really not comfortable with this situation, because in my opinion i has respect to my task or job so ill do the best for it. But sometime we need to find a usefull article or maybe just looking around for new relationship with other professional.

I have one trick how to open a site that blocked by your administrator. This way i will use Google Translator as a proxy to blocked sites. Here we are

  1. Simple go to
  2. Input url of the site in Translate a web page section.
  3. Select the source language as Spanish and target Language English.
  4. Click translate

You will get the site is translated by Google. Important the site is not blocked.